Final Reflection.. Good bye English 10..

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Final Blog Post: reflect on what you have learned this year in class – this is a mandatory submission for your final 5 blog posts so make it a good one. ­čÖé
It is finally the end of my sophomore year, as well as the end of grade 10 english. I don’t know why, but english was my favorite class throughout the year out of the core subjects. The reason why I am confused of such wonderful thing is because I use to hate english when I was in middle school. With my beautiful teacher Mrs. Webster, I have learned to enjoy english with such exciting events as discussions, activities during the discussion, peer editing, etc. Through this semester we have heavily worked on the subject of being a discussion leader. In meaning, to be a leader for the class (for one whole class period- approx. 70 min) and discuss about a designated chapter. The expectations for such job was high, and required a lot of effort in order to lead the class without any flaws. I wish I had worked more on the discussion leader area, however, conincidentially, there was always a test on the same day as the discussion leader so I couldn’t put my full effort into it. Another area we’ve been working on this semester was writing an essay. It was no essay that wanted an introduction, conclusion, or body. It was an essay that required solid one to two quotes and analyzing the quotes with a thesis being supported by it. These types of essays are called “One Paragraph-Essay, OPE.” With a minimum of 250 words, an one paragraph essay was an essay that, once again, required a certain amount of study, reading, and research of the book. I have written OPE’s for Dracula and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. It was surely interesting writing an essay that didn’t require an intro and conclusion, which made me feel free to write one strong, solid point and support it with quotes. I think the OPE, however, improved my writing by helping me use quotes in my essays and supporting them thouroughly. Grammar, and literary devices is an area that we’ve concentrated on as well. Obviously, a lot of non-native tounge speakers have issues with english, and even the native speakers have issues as well with subject: grammar. However, grammar was helped by doing the DOL’s, and literary devices were used in the last portion of the Daily Oral Languages. Overall, it was an exciting and wonderful semester in English 10. I have learned more than enough english and am prepared for next year. Thank you Mrs. W!


Connection between society and BNW

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Blog Post: Make connections between society and BNW (book + film). What’s eerily correct? Where is Huxley way off track? What do you think about this book/film thus far?
In BNW, society and the BNW film/book are fairly connected to one another. The society today and the BNW book is similar by the fact of disliking pregnancy for the “developed” nations. In meaning, majority of developed countries such as South Korea has a depressing birth rate due to developed women taking pills, excessively using condoms, etc. Another similarity that could be found between the two is the development of stem cell research. In BNW, it is introducing (in the beginning of the book) the process of the stem cell research program, in meaning, it isn’t fully applied to the society, just like the society we live in today. The society in the BNW however, of course, differs from our society as well. Our society today does not have any laws that prevent humans from feeling certain emtions, such as emotions for sex; in BNW, sex may be disturbing, however in the world today the majority of humans find it fine to discuss/act upon. In the book/film so far, I think it is a very “organized” soceity; everyone is playing they’re own role, and no cause of fighting occurs because all the people are just doing their thing without any conflicts. I find this society disturbing because there is no true self-emotion in BNW, and due to this there is no satisfactory goal. There is only a limited amount of happiness in the society, although ignorance may be bliss.

Academic Dishonesty

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┬á What is Academic Dishonesty? Cheating? Bullying? What is it? Well, according to the definition of the KIS handbook, it states that Academic Dishonesty is the state of bullying, cheating, lying, calling names, etc. This reminds me of a time where I recieved 2 month of detention from the school assisstant principal, for calling my beloved friend “Gay.” Well, it was a reasonable punishment because I said that out loud infront of a few parents in the conference hall, or PAC; I have violated 3 KIS handbook rules that the school actual barely follows (except the punishments and the korean policy). Anyways, it was a good time because I have violated the 3 rules, which was name-calling (a shape of bullying), inappropriate behavior, and the third one I forget.┬áThis experience has really been interesting, to me and to the people I have told them about it. The majority think it was ridiculous of giving such punishment for a use of a word that friends occasionally use to one another, sometimes even worse! Our school, honestly, should reconsider the KIS handbook, and strike out some unappropriate information from it, such as “No homework over Vacation for Students,”┬ábecause our parents really want the homework and some teachers actually do give homework and sometimes projects!

What do I LIKE about learning?

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Who likes learning? Of Course, excellent, hard working students like myself does. Just joking. According to my definition of the wrd “learning,” it is where one is being educated for the interest of him or heself. So, what I like about learning is that it could help me gain knowledge about the area I want to get a job in. In this case, I want to become a businessman just like my father is one, and be an entrepreneur and start a new, successful business. The class I have took this year in 1st semester was “intro the economics.” This class is a very meaningful class to me because my teacher, Mr. Duncan, helped me gain knowledge about the subject I am most interested in. This is the reason why I love to learn. Another reason why I like learning stuff is because at some point, time, date, etc, you can be the smart one. In meaning, learning could lead to self-study which leads to good grades. So, it is an option of being able to brag and show off how you are excellent. I once have studied and learned the subject of Chemistry- atoms & molecules test. I have aced this test which has really made me feel good and be able to gain self confidence in myself and the opportunity to brag to the people around me. I loved it when I told my mom about it; the first time she ever wasn’t complaining about my test scores-_-.. Anyways, although many dislike learning, if thinking about it, learning is actually a good experience to everyone.


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What is my weakest area in terms of english? Of course, it is grammar. Although I have experienced and have went to more than one hundred SAT hagwons, and have had around thousands of different SAT writing teachers, I just am too weak in grammar. No matter how much I have studied it, either because I didn’t try hard enough or its just that I am not really talented in grammar. What I really want to work on from this area is how to improve my grammar, changing my sentence structure into a structure that “actually makes sense.” When I see my own writing, I even know myself that my writing is very weak and has many grammatical errors, which leads to giving me a 3 out of 5 in conventions. These days, during school blocks, the teacher surely, though, does help me improve in english my daily oral languages, sentence structure workshops, etc. I wish I could improve in my grammar, and I hope I could master this skill quickly.

How in the world did this happen…

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I’ve lost my identity… Not that I lost myself, but I lost my id card today somewhere in my school. I was looking for it for one whole hour after school. Why? Because it isn’t my first time losing the id card; it was, about, my 50th time losing my ID card, which really makes my mother angry. Anyways, after lunch, I have lost my lunch card and have tried looking for it over and over again, around the school apporximately ten million times. The funnier thing is, that my lunch card somehow magically slipped out of my wallet, giving me the thoughts of “what if someone else took my card?” and so forth. I was so worried to the point where I have ordered the KIS faculty members to look for my card no matter what and for now to see how much I have in my ID card just in case someone else uses it. I really fear that somebody is going to use all of my money in the card… My world as of now is a fail, and I wish that I get in the habit of not losing my card anymore!


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What do I love? Personally, I love to play soccer. I believe soccer/football is a brilliant sport to play; it requires team play, personal skills, and it is just exciting to play with your friends all the time! My skills when I play soccer? Yes, hate to admit, it is quite bad. The player that I respect the most is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a Portuguese Soccer Player, renown for being one of the best soccer players currently running in the league. Not only that he is good, but his style of soccer is so interesting that it makes me interested in soccer even more. He motivates me, wanting to play soccer more and more every time I watch how he plays. He seems to love the sport (very cool).
Anyways, soccer is such an intense sport, and is very fun to play. I love playing soccer!